Portfolio Preparation

What is a portfolio?

If you are considering to pursue creative studies abroad, a portfolio is the most important part of your application.


A portfolio should include and show:

- The selection and presentation of your best work

- Your track of thought presented in a visual form

- The profile that you choose to present


What we do

Athens Open Studio offers a pioneering way of portfolio preparation in a dynamic artists' studio environment. Our integrated approach includes the space, time, advice and resources for you to produce strong work that will effectively support your application. 


We guide you in developing, preparing and finalising your unique and personalised portfolio, both in digital and printed form, to ensure your entry in Art, Design and Architecture courses abroad.

Through our numerous activities, we introduce you to the structure and methodology of an art-school through hands-on experience and contact with others.

Who is it for?

  • High School students

  • IB DP students

  • A-Levels students

  • GCSE students


  • University students or mature students that want to prepare for entry in art and design courses in European universities

When do you come?

The sooner, the better! More time will allow you to develop work that is stronger and more in depth. That be said, we acknowledge that different students have different needs, thus, we provide 3 different modes for working:

Standard : An average of 6 hours per week, in a group or individually 

This is the optimal for starting when you have plenty of time ahead of you until submitting.

Intensive : Individual sessions with the student and the two artists. 

This is necessary when you are 2-3 months away from submitting a portfolio. It is the most crucial stage before submitting as it includes finalising and selecting works as well as helping you professionally present it both in a digital and printed format.

Seasonal : One month intensive projects where students will develop their skills.

These are great sessions to effectively utilise vacation months by developing a project and learning multiple techniques.

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