Portfolio Preparation

Interested in pursuing a creative career abroad?

A portfolio is the most important part of your application.

What is a portfolio?

- The selection and presentation of your best work.

- Your track of thought presented in a visual form

- The profile that you choose to present


Athens Open Studio offers a pioneering way of portfolio preparation in a dynamic environment similar to that of European universities. Our integrated approach includes the space, time, advice and resources for you to produce strong work that will effectively support your application. 


We guide you in developing, preparing and finalizing your unique and personalized portfolio to ensure your entry in Art, Design and Architecture courses abroad.

Through our numerous activities, we introduce you to the structure and methodology of an art-school through hands-on experience and contact with others.

Portfolio preparation sessions

> Preparation for entering Foundation in Art & Design courses abroad

> Preparation for progressing into BA courses in Fine Art (painting, sculpture, media, printmaking etc), Graphic Design, Fashion Design, Photography, Architecture, Film and Art History

> Development of assigned school projects

> Development of personal work to professional standards

The structure of the portfolio sessions

Athens Open Studio provides a holistic experience beyond just making, that will help you explore your interests, reach your potential and become an interesting and competitive artist-to-be. This is done through a series of services that we offer throughout the sessions. 



Our members have the chance to meet and work alongside with other young aspiring creatives, embracing the kind of studio atmosphere and group dynamic similar to that of an art-school.  

Group projects are always encouraged!


Weekly meetings with all members for thorough discussion on their ongoing and resolved projects.


The group crits will be mainly led by the artists but will also allow space for student-led discussion to occur.


Scheduled talks and seminars by members of our network, as well as by practitioners and professionals from the national and international art scene.

Often talks will be followed by relevant workshops and activities based on the practice and focus of each speaker.


Scheduled visits to current gallery and museum exhibitions in Athens.

Group discussions will follow, based on the context and theme of the exhibits, analyzing different techniques, curatorial decisions and the theoretical context of the work.


Training on how to present and talk about your work in front of a crowd and during an interview.

Building on our students confidence and skills while offering them the opportunity to present their work in public and during an interview simulation.


Two to one tutorials are weekly meetings with the student and the two artists. During this time, analytical discussion of the work in progress will take place. As well as provision of relevant feedback and, theoretical and visual references.

This is complementary to the ongoing support.


Networking is very important in the Art/Design world, thus we strive to make connections between our members and a network of UK Art, Design and Architecture alumni. Continuous contact and cooperation will take place through talks, tutorials, seminars and workshops.

Members can get insightful information about their preferred industry by learning about the alumni's personal trajectory.


Students will have the opportunity to experiment, explore and learn about different material qualities and techniques.


Workshops such as use of the Adobe Suite, canvas stretching, plaster casting, use of camera, sewing and drawing, will take place in the studio. Whereas workshops that require special assistance and machinery will take place in the premises of our external collaborators.


Our archive contains a selection of great portfolio examples, sketchbooks, books and resources for art, design, architecture, philosophy, art history and photography. 

The members have unlimited access to both our physical and online database, from which we draw references during tutorials and crits.


Unique opportunity to take part in the preparation of our various events in the studio.

Students will gain insight on the setup, organization, documentation, promotion and curation of exhibitions and talks. 


    Our members are young people that want to work and learn in a dynamic environment.

    > High School students

    > IB DP students

    > A-Levels students

    > GCSE students


    > University students or mature students that want to prepare for entry in UK art and design courses

    > Anyone that wants to utilize the space and time to develop his/her practice.



    Different people have different needs and preferred ways of working. We want to accommodate all of them.

    We provide both group and individual private sessions on an hourly basis.


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