Support with Writing

What we do

Very often, you will be called to support your creative practice with an essay or a personal statement. It is important that you express yourself in writing as well as you do visually.

We can assist you with:

  • Extended Essays on Art, Design and Architecture (in English)

  • Personal and artists statements (in English)

  • Comparative studies (in English)

  • Theoretical Research 

Who is it for?

Anyone that is seeking some assistance, or even a fresh look from a new pair of eyes


  • High School students

  • IB DP students

  • A-Levels students

  • GCSE students


  • University students or mature students that want to prepare

       for entry in art and design courses in European universities

When do you come?

The sooner, the better! More time will allow you to write stronger pieces of writing.

If you are not based in Athens, or the possibility of having help remotely sounds like a good idea for your heavy schedule, we can provide support via Skype sessions and email feedback.

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